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Tanabe Jin Pliers

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 As Stated by Tanabe Tool company:

These Bonsai Jin pliers are used to hold the branch to make the surface rise. You can then peel the surface to make ‘Jin and Shari’. The shape of these pliers look like a bird and this design is for ‘Jin and Shari’. In Japanese, this process is called ‘Jin and Shari’. ‘Jin’ is the seasoned aged appearance of the branches of the Bonsai tree, and ‘Shari’ is the seasoned aged appearance of the trunk of the Bonsai tree. The natural process of this characteristic occurs when a tree is struck by lightning, dried in a drought, exposed to cold temperatures, or when branches break due to snow or wind. The exposed parts of wood become seasoned and aged to a white color. The best time to perform ‘Jin and Shari’ is in Spring, or Summer.
Made in Japan

Head width:10mm
Full length:220mm