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WINTER FESTIVAL Bring Your Own Tree Workshop with Sean Smith

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Sean Smith will give you a plan of attack to design your tree.  You will get direction on styling and wiring and will learn the benefits of a future plan both visually and horticulturally. This workshop is being held during our 2019 Winter Festival alongside several other exciting classes and workshops. Minimal space is available for each so be sure to book your spot as soon as possible!

Sean Smith is our special guest artist for 2019. Sean lives in the United States in Marysville, Pennsylvania, where he owns and operates Custom Oriental Wood-craft.  Sean took his 25 year passion for Bonsai and Suiseki along with his extensive background in carpentry and put all them together to start his own business in 1994. He currently creates Bonsai display tables, and carves Daiza for renowned Bonsai and Suiseki enthusiasts all over the world.  As a result of this work many awards have been bestowed upon him for his craftsmanship as well as his strict adherence to these ancient Japanese art forms.

When: Friday, January 25, 2019 at 9:00 AM

Where: 2745 Audubon Ave, DeLand, FL 32720