Assorted Jade Bonsai


This tree is in our bonsai soil mix and contains equal parts red lava rock, black lava rock, high fired Akadama, and Hyuga pumice.

 The trees are in High fired production Pots.

Mini jade (Portulacaria afra) make a great starter bonsai.  They wire up well, back bud well after pruning, and take long term pot containment. They tolerate forgetful watering and neglect well, and respond well to full sun and heavy fertilizing with active full growth. Also, with time the "trunk" will develop a rough bark to further show its age and character as any older bonsai should. 

      This has also a popular houseplant for decades with great success.  This is the tree we like for beginners as it takes many mistakes.  The biggest possible issue is overwatering, usually in the winter months when tree isn't in active growth.