Ryusen Super Hard Akadama

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Akadama is an aggregate soil heated over 300 degrees Celsius imported from Japan. It provides good nutrients to the plant by mixing it with other types of aggregates or a great soil composition for Bonsai. For future repotting of a plant, Akadama  prevents soil compacting and creates more feeder roots per square inch and makes the root zone much more efficient. 

The smaller sizes are repackaged, but the 3.7 gallon amount size is the full 14 liter bag, just repackaged to fit into shipping box.
This is the 4mm to 6mm size or approx 3/16th size.  Made in Japan
This product contains a small amount of debris, is a normal phenomenon, since the transport process can not avoid friction, pressure and other circumstances lead to some of the powder situation.
Thank you for your understanding